The Artful You Series

Live An Artful Life® presents our new series The Artful You.  From time to time we will offer a series of workshops to help you live a more artful life.  To start 2016 we have chosen two presenters that we feel have excellent demonstrations that will give you tools you can use either in an art endeavor or in your daily living.  


with Dr.Celia Im
Thursday, February 25, 6:30 - 8:30

Create the life you want with positive outcomes in 2016, whether it is a creative project, or to shape the next stage of your life, or just to live in the creative flow and be happy.  In this workshop, you will utilize the power of music to engage your innate creativity.  Using “Harmonic Resonance Process” (HRP), this music-based session will provide basic tools to access your creative subconscious to heal, create and actualize the life you want.  You will also begin to recognize seven processes that unfold naturally as we engage with our own creative flow, and receive tools to work with them.

In a relaxed state, music can help us connect deeply to ourselves to:

  • tap into our creative resources
  • access and realize core desires, 
  • problem solve with creative ah-ha's, 
  • visualize next steps
  • trust our intuitive intelligence
  • release inner and outer obstacles. 

Celia headPresenter: Dr. Celia Im is an internationally award-winning musician who has taught and lectured on the faculties of the Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University, the University of Maryland and George Mason University.  For over a decade, Dr. Im has used and created music for support and healing through the Harmonic Resonance Process (HRP), which led to her discovery of a systematic way of working with sound, mind and body via seven processes that unfold naturally as we listen and engage.

With training centers throughout Europe and the USA, Dr. Im has worked closely with business leaders, diplomats, mind-body and health specialists, professional athletes, artists and countless others through HRP.

Cost: $35.00 per participant includes 2 hour session and refreshments.  Session is open to 15 participants.
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Clear Your Mind, Release More Fire into Your Work

  with David Hazard
Thursday, April 21, 6:30 - 8:30

Do you have difficulty focusing?  Finding your voice as an artist or writer? Does the Judge or Critic or the Impatient Kid in you hinder your creative process? Do you want to renew your creative fire and vision?  This workshop will give you basics of meditation practice, and to a type of meditation you can use - not just on a yoga mat or in retreat - but while you are at work.  You'll find that your creativity and ability to stay with the work longer both increase. And new energy will infuse your creativity.

DHazardPresenter:  David Hazard has coached creative people worldwide for 38 years as an internationally-sought writing coach, and is himself a creative writer and poet. He is founder of ASCENT, a coaching program that has launched the careers of some 250 successful authors.

David has studied many types of meditation for over three decades, and developed a non-ideological form of meditation especially for them. Just as there is a "sports psychology" there is a "creative psychology," and any creative person can benefit from this class and type of meditation - writers, painters, sculptors, potters, poets, or composers.

Cost:  $35.00 per participant includes 2 hour session and refreshments.  Session is open to 15 participants.
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