The Artful You Series

Live An Artful Life® presents our new series The Artful You.  From time to time we will offer a series of workshops to help you live a more artful life.   For our Spring/Summer sessions for 2016 we have chosen presenters that we feel have excellent demonstrations that will give you tools you can use either in an art endeavor or in your daily living.  We will add sessions as they become available so check back often.


Clear Your Mind, Release More Fire into Your Work

  with David Hazard
Thursday, April 21, 6:30 - 8:30

Do you have difficulty focusing?  Finding your voice as an artist or writer? Does the Judge or Critic or the Impatient Kid in you hinder your creative process? Do you want to renew your creative fire and vision?  This workshop will give you basics of meditation practice, and to a type of meditation you can use - not just on a yoga mat or in retreat - but while you are at work.  You'll find that your creativity and ability to stay with the work longer both increase. And new energy will infuse your creativity.

DHazardPresenter:  David Hazard has coached creative people worldwide for 38 years as an internationally-sought writing coach, and is himself a creative writer and poet. He is founder of ASCENT, a coaching program that has launched the careers of some 250 successful authors.

David has studied many types of meditation for over three decades, and developed a non-ideological form of meditation especially for them. Just as there is a "sports psychology" there is a "creative psychology," and any creative person can benefit from this class and type of meditation - writers, painters, sculptors, potters, poets, or composers.

Cost:  $35.00 per participant includes 2 hour session and refreshments.   
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with Tom Neel
Thursday, May 19,2015, 6:30 - 8:30

While we are born uninhibited by creativity, for many, time and adult responsibilities eventually become a hurtle to creative expression. One which brings the fear of achieving less than desirable results and a "which way do I go and where do I begin" mentality. Many retired business professionals and baby boomers especially, wish to visit the fun of their youth. That unabashed smile side of life!  With a lifetime of creative experience and nearly three decades as a professional artist, Tom Neel is about to hand you the keys to unlock the inner creative you!

TomHead300Presenter: Acclaimed artist, Tom Neel is also a published writer, author, consultant, public speaker and photographer. He has worked with artists, teachers and business leaders to foster creativity through all age groups.  

Cost: $35.00 per participant includes 2 hour session and refreshments.   
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with Linda & Tom Neel
Thursday, June 16, 6:30 - 8:30 

Artists, as painters, often the necessary evil is framing.  But framing is not only an important part of presentation, it's a functional part of protecting and hanging your artwork and unfortunately many artists do it incorrectly.  In this workshop artists will learn the simple tools and proper do-it-yourself techniques and materials of framing. Learn not only what hardware to use, but the proper placement of it.  Learn the best hanging wire and the proper framing knot to use and why.  These techniques will put you on the good side of gallery and art show managers and insure safety when installing your art in a collector's home.

Framing300Presenters: Linda Neel is an artist, gallery owner and Certified Professional Picture Framer.  She opened the first art gallery in Leesburg, VA in 1984 and became known for her distinctive custom framing.  Acclaimed artist and gallery owner, Tom Neel has 28 years of experience in the framing and art business.  Clients always comment on his choice of beautiful framing and how it enhances his original paintings. 

Cost: $35.00 per participant includes 2 hour session and refreshments. 
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