KylephotoKyle England

Fine Furniture Craftsman

Kyle England was born and raised in Springfield, Virginia as the youngest of four children in a competitive soccer playing family. In fact, he attended East Carolina University with a scholarship to play NCAA Division 1 soccer. During a semester he attended The National Outdoor Leadership School and found a passion for the outdoors, which lead him to becoming an outdoor guide for climbing, camping and kayaking.

Graduating with a bachelor of arts and focus in anthropology, Kyle was especially interested in the highland cultures of the Andes. So, while working as a carpenter he would save his money for his climbing travels, between Virginia, Wyoming and Ecuador.

Thankfully for us, it was his woodworking day job that would ultimately capture Kyle’s adult life. As a carpenter he found himself seeking precision and a greater knowledge of wood and fine woodworking skills. He would soon meet his teacher, Jamie Nash.
Nash had seen many young men come and go in his 25 years and seemed to take pride in telling Kyle that no one has lasted more than five days. It was almost a challenge. He handed Kyle a spent matchbook with his number, and the word welcome. His apprenticeship lasted 4 years!

The two had a wonderful bond and working relationship. Kyle learned from a true master and now 12 years on his own, with the complete blessing of his friend and mentor, is proof of both his and his mentor’s talent.

Today, Kyle England is not only an accomplished cabinet maker, commissioned by the finest home builders in the metro area, he is also an talented artist. His specialty pieces, made available though Live An Artful Life, show great creative depth and feature unique wood and wood techniques. His artistry is as much about his great understanding of the whole tree and what it has to offer creatively, as it is about craftsmanship.

By the way. It should be no surprise that Kyle still enjoys soccer. He’s been coaching competitive soccer for years and currently has three U12 boys teams he works with.

We invite you to experience the artistry of Kyle England.  He is available to custom build furniture to your specifications.

FrontWalnutSplatedSplated Walnut Cabinet, 88" X 17.5"

Splated Maple Cabinet, 62.5" X 18"

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