P Handal 300x209Phyllis Handal

Phyllis Handal’s pottery is the result of a lifelong love for working in clay. She earned an MFA in Ceramics and traveled to China to work in a replicated Ming Dynasty pottery studio. It was there that she came to appreciate the tradition of the painted pot.

These signed originals can be collected and enjoyed on a daily basis. They should be washed by hand, as you would other fine dishes, and microwave with caution, as earthenware can become very hot to the touch. They can be used in the oven however be careful not to shock the piece by going from the refrigerator directly to the oven.

Phyllis creates several motifs, some of which are pictured below.  Her yarn bowls are very saught after!  We always have a nice selection in the gallery, please call for availability if you are looking for a specific piece.


Peaches  Cream 640x175 300x82
Peaches and Cream Collection

Bella Platter 577x640 270x300       Wings collection 640x497 300x233

Bella Platter                                                      Wings Collection


Bella Nova pottery 

Yarn bowls





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