Bella Luz Studio/Joline El-Hai

As a child Joline would sit on her back porch in the late afternoon sun, sewing sequins onto scraps of black velvet. The effect of the dramatic light and glowing colors fascinated her, and it is this love of color and light that still inspires her artwork today. The imagery in her work can be seen as whimsical little snippets of dream-like stories.

At her studio, Bella Luz Studio, the production line of lights start out as drawings - pastel, colored pencil, and watercolor. Photographed and reproduced as translucent, durable prints, the images are housed in lustrous copper frames.

The Luminettes are tiny works of art which cast a warm and useful glow. They come in frames of hand-textured copper colored by patina with a 4 watt bulb in a beautiful gift box, ready to plug in. A hand-hammered copper swirl dangle is an embellishment to the Luminettes, hanging at the bottom of the frame, disguising the night-light switch and mirroring the etched swirl at the top of each frame.

 Here is just a sampling of some of the luminettes we try to stock, please call to check availability.

Cow  FriskyKitty  Heart  Heron  Sheep

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